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SeaBoats has been established to market and sell a wide range of boats, recreational and commercial, new and used, to a broad global audience.

Our dedicated international teams of sales professionals are strategically located around the world and utilize modern communication strategies and a vast network of industry associates.

If you are buying or selling, let the SeaBoats team work for you.

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NEW BUILD - 70pax Tour Catamaran 15.96m $410,000India
31m Security Vessel 1995 31m $160,000Kuwait
35ft Pilot Boat 2007 10.60m €150,000Australia
Bavaria 46 Cruiser, built 2014 2014 14.40m €163,000Greece
Lagoon 50, built 2019 2019 14.75m €900,000Greece
Sun Odyssey 42.1 1995 12.80m €68,000Greece
Swan 45 1974 13.83m $75,000Cambodia
54m Fishing Vessel 1987 54m $500,000Japan
NEW BUILD - 8m Aluminium RIB 8m $19,000Australia
106.65m Cutter Suction Dredger, 4500 cbm 2009 106.65m $7,100,000China
NEW BUILD - 18m Fast Assault Boat 18.3m Thailand
Bavaria Cruiser 41, built 2015 2015 11.93m €132,000Greece
Elan 384i, Built 2011 2011 11.25m €128,000Greece
Sun Odyssey 379 2012 11.34m €90,000Greece
Lagoon 56 2018 16.96m €1,380,000Greece
Sunseeker Camargue 44 1998 14.4m €185,000Turkey
27.7m Traditional Turkish Gulet 1988 27.70m €225,000Turkey
Sweden Yacht 45 2000 14.14m €235,000Greece
NEW BUILD - Tomahawk 96 Superyacht 96m Italy
NEW BUILD - 8.6m Aluminium RIB 8.6m $21,000China
56m Crane Barge 350t 2019 56m $4,000,000China
58m Longliner 2002 58.2m Japan
NEW BUILD - 41.45m Patrol Gun Boat 41.45m Thailand
NEW BUILD - 24m Landing Craft - Kitset 24.5m Australia
Tarquin Trader 535 Trawler 2001 17.1m €276,000Turkey
37m Gül Maria 2013 2013 37m €7,000Turkey
Beneteau Oceanis 473 2002 14.30m €160,000USA
115.10m Multipurpose General Cargo 2006 115.10m $5,500,000Turkey
Bavaria 46 Cruiser, built 2009 2009 13.99m €105,000Greece
Sun Odyssey 45, built 2007 2007 13.70m €120,000Greece
Lagoon 52F 2015 15.84m €910,000Greece
Bavaria Cruiser 45, built 2012 2012 13.60m €147,000Greece
Sun Odyssey 36.2 1996 10.62m €52,000Greece
Bavaria 34 Cruiser 2008 10.71m €58,000Greece
61m (200ft) River Cruiser 2013 61m Australia
NEW BUILD - 35m Coastal Ropax Ferry - Kitset 35.7m Australia
Lagoon 500, built 2009 2009 15.60m €565,000Greece
Bavaria 46 Cruiser, built 2005 2005 13.99m €100,000Greece
NEW - 54.54m 1000dwt Oil Tanker - 2 units available 2022 54.54m $750,000China
109.69m Multifunctional LCT Transport Barge 2022 109.69m $4,800,000China
NEW BUILD - 38.70m Patrol Gun Boat 38.70m Thailand
NEW BUILD - 7.6m Aluminium RIB 7.60m $17,800China
NEW BUILD - 18m-S Fast Assault Boat 18.30m Thailand
35m Bedia Sultan 2010 - for Charter 2010 35m €4,500Turkey
NONSUCH 354 1995 10.9m €67,000Turkey
40m Kaya Güneri 2009 - for Charter 2009 39.50m €6,000Turkey
Fairline 40 1988 12.20m €82,000Turkey
Fire Fighter Model 1937 Germany 1937 15.80m $170,000Turkey
NEW BUILD - 7m Aluminium RIB 7m $16,800China
500T Crane Barge 2021 64.65m $7,600,000China
NEW BUILD - 16m Fast Assault Boat 16m Thailand
27m Trawler 1992 30.5m UK
Hanse 325 2012 9.63m €53,000Greece
Beneteau First 31.7 2006 9.61m €65,000Greece
Lagoon 50 2019 14.75m €900,000Greece
Orana 44 2007 12.98m €290,000Greece
Oceanis 473, built 2002 2002 14.16m €120,000Greece
Sun Odyssey 469, built 2015 2015 14.5m €205,000Greece
49.60m Split Hopper Barge 2010 49.60m $850,000Singapore
NEW BUILD - 6m Alloy RIB 2022 6m $11,500China
NEW BUILD - 10m Riverine Patrol Boat 2022 10m Thailand
31.4m Crew Vessel - Under Construction 2023 31.4m New Zealand
Carioca 40 1981 12.7m €45,000Turkey
Sigma 33 By David Thomas 1985 1985 9.8m €22,000Turkey
31m Cemre 4 for Charter 2013 30.50m €2,300Turkey
Motor-Sailor 34m w/ Full Rina Classification Model 2007 (2010) 2010 34m €1,600,000Turkey
Gül Sultan 30m Traditional for Charter 2015 30m €2,000Turkey
Sebahat Sultan, Model 2008 for Charter 2008 24m €800Turkey
20m Tourism Ferry 2012 19.73m $1,800,000USA
Oceanis 321 1996 9.95m €47,000Greece
Lagoon 42 only for Greek Charters 2020 12.80m Greece
31.4m Aluminium Workboat 1988 31.4m $550,000UK
150m RoRo Ferry 1995 149.97m $6,000,000Bulgaria
Bali 4.1 2018 12.12m €357,000Greece
Lagoon 39 2014 11.74m €295,000Greece
Lagoon 400 S2 2014 11.97m €282,000Greece
Lagoon 380 2007 11.55m €200,000Greece
Motorsailor Ketchchassiron GT 1979 12m €120,000Spain
105.5m Cargo Vessel 1999 105.50m $5,500,000Turkey
15m Research Vessel For Charter 2002 15m New Zealand
3x 2011 Caterpillar C280-8 Offshore Generators (Never Used) 2011 20' $425,000Brazil
Monte Carlo 76 2012 23.5m $1,950,000Turkey
14m Pilot Boat 1986 13.7m £65,000UK
Colvic Countess 37 1987 11.5m €58,000Greece
Bavaria SR 41 2022 13.21m Belgium
64.95m Landing Craft 2008 64.95m $800,000Indonesia
11.8m Crew boat 2011 11.77m $182,000Indonesia
11m Aluminum Pilot Boat 2018 11m $300,000Malaysia
148m Self-unloading Vessel / Self-discharge Sand Carrier 2022 148m $7,300,000China
NEW BUILD - XPM85 Explorer Yacht 25.4m Turkey
NEW BUILD - Bullet 80 Sports Yacht 23.90m Italy
NEW BUILD - 25m MPP Landing Craft 25m Egypt
300 TEU MPP Container Ship, Built 2004 2004 110.80m $2,000,000China
107.8ft Combination Tank / Deck Barge 32.85m $295,000USA
10000T LCT Deck Barge 2016 109.8m $4,400,000China
NEW BUILD - XPM85 Untouched Explorer Yacht 25.4m Turkey
NEW BUILD - LXT 88 Yacht 27m Turkey
20.8m Aluminum Crew Boat 2011 20.82m $750,000Indonesia
59m Passenger Ferry / LCT / RoRo 1999 59m €3,200,000Greece
Luxtreme LXT 38 CAT Yacht 38m Turkey
NEW BUILD - 55m Sport Yacht 55.20m Egypt
10000T LCT Deck Barge 2007 116m $4,400,000China
NEW BUILD - Aluminium Hybrid Trawler Yacht GN60 18.25m Turkey
79.8m 3500t Bulk Carrier for Sale 2021 79.80m $2,500,000China
NEW BUILD - 28m Fast Patrol Vessel 2022 28.7m Italy
94.85m Cutter Suction Dredger 3200cbm 2015 94.85m $8,000,000China
400cbm Single Hull Marine Gasoil Storage 2007 35.29m $550,000Malaysia
Elan 434 2010 13m €115,000Greece
Bavaria 39 Cruiser 2007 11.94m €73,000Greece
Oceanis 343 2008 10.38m €76,000Greece
Oceanis 37 2011 11.74m €76,000Greece
Oceanis 343 2008 10.38m €73,000Greece
Sun Odyssey 44i 2009 13.75m €118,000Greece
Bavaria Cruiser 41 2014 12.35m €134,000Greece
70.52m Full Container Landing Craft Tank 2015 70.52m $2,400,000Indonesia
134m Bulk Carrier 2006 134m $6,500,000Australia
French Pilot Boat For Sale 2020 11.35m France
16m Pilot Boat 2000 16.15m IRR 65,000UK
NEW BUILD - XPM 78 Catamaran 2022 23.90m $4,400,000Turkey
NEW BUILD - XPM78 V.2 Explorer Yacht 23.8m Turkey
GreeNaval GN47 Motor Yacht 14.30m Turkey
NEW BUILD - Linx 30 Tender 9.5m Spain
99.8m General Cargo Ship 2006 99.8m $4,000,000Turkey
NEW BUILD - 20m Landing Craft - Kitset 20m New Zealand
31.25m ASD Harbour Tug For Sale 1986 31.25m $195,000New Zealand
Azimut Grande 27 2019 26.78m €6,000,000Italy
Impressive 18.5m (63ft) Cruising Ketch 1978 19.20m $399,000New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 9.5m Aluminium RIB 9.50m $28,000China
NEW BUILD - Ladenstein 60 19.25m Thailand
29.53m Tug Boat / Utility 2013 29.53m $1,200,000Indonesia
NEW BUILD - 24m Custom Trimaran 24m Australia
70.52m Full Container Landing Craft Tank 2015 70.52m $2,400,000Indonesia
50.80m Floating Crane Vessel 2020 50.80m $3,220,000China
New 34.40m Landing Craft 2022 34.40m $525,000Indonesia
64.02m Passenger and Car Ferry 2020 64.2m $11,500,000Japan
San Lorenzo SL 96 2017 29.10m €6,000,000Turkey
Azimut 27m 2018 27m €6,000,000Turkey
45m Specialised Expedition Vessel 1996 45m $5,000,000Indonesia
4000T LCT 2015 91.5m $2,100,000China
1500cbm Split Hopper Barge 2022 69.50m $2,500,000China
45m LCT 2016 45m $1,045,000Indonesia
NEW BUILD - 6m Sled 6m $22,000Cambodia
NEW 15000t 3-in-1 Sand Carrier Dredgers 2021 140.11m $12,000,000China
75m LCT, 90 TEU 2011 75m $2,650,000Indonesia
NEW BUILD - 110ft Grand Harbour Motor Yacht 33.53m $6,800,000Taiwan
NEW BUILD - 27m Crew Transfer Cat - Kitset 26.47m Australia
NEW BUILD - 20m Monohull Passenger Ferry - Kitset 21.7m New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 29.40m Motor Boat 29.40m Turkey
Beautiful 70ft Schooner with Charter Option 1960 18.15m $1,350,000New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 36m Crew / Utility Boat 36m Thailand
NEW BUILD - 41.85m Multipurpose Vessel 41.85m Thailand
NEW BUILD - 20m Military Landing Craft - Kitset 20m New Zealand
22m Turkish Yacht Gulet 1990 22.8m €170,000Bulgaria
29.37m Tug Boat 1985 29.37m €815,000Sweden
BRAND NEW - 20m New Fishing Vessel 2022 19.95m Portugal
NEW BUILD - 6.3m Landing Craft 6.30m €72,000Italy
BRAND NEW - 7000t Deck Barge 2022 108.2m $4,500,000China
Motor Yacht Astondoa GLX 43 FLY 2005 14m €290,000Bulgaria
70.52m Landing Craft 2014 70.52m $2,000,000Indonesia
BRAND NEW - 7000T LCT Deck Barge 2022 101.75m $4,300,000China
NEW BUILD - 58m Patrol Gun Boat 58m Thailand
NEW BUILD - 12m Landing Craft - Kitset 12m $491,000Australia
NEW BUILD - 42m Fast Crew Boat 42m Singapore
133m Motorised Barge, CCS Class 20000t 2021 133m $10,800,000China
98m 292 TEU Cargo Container Ship 2009 98m $1,450,000China
NEW BUILD - 39m Patrol Boat 38.85m Thailand
BRAND NEW - 14.5m Timber Fishing Trawler 2022 14.5m $1,850,000New Zealand
NEW BUILD - 55m Landing Craft Utility 55m Thailand
26m Tug 2020 25.50m Greece
NEW BUILD - 35m Alloy Landing Craft - Kitset 36.10m New Zealand
126.08m General Cargo Vessel 2005 126.8m $10,000,000New Zealand
103.8m 10200dwt LCT 2000 103.8m China
316ft 4300dwt LCT Barge 2008 316' $800,000China
26m Corrubia II Class Patrol Boats 1996 26.8m €400,000Italy
Azimut 55 Flybridge 2010 16.90m €650,000Turkey
Poseidon Ferry Business 2012 19.73m $3,500,000USA
NEW BUILD - 36m Patrol Boat 36m Thailand
Galleon, a replica of the Corsair Ships of the 18th century 1953 23.71m €350,000Spain
32.17m Tug 1984 32.17m Australia
96.90m General Cargo Vessel 2008 96.90m $4,000,000Turkey
140.55m Bulk Carrier 2008 140.55m $8,500,000Luxembourg
NEW BUILD - 25m Patrol Boat 25m Thailand
AZIMUT 50 in Mint Condition and Ready to Go! 2002 16.7m MYR 1,800,000Malaysia
NEW BUILD - 23m Catamaran Patrol Boat 23.76m Thailand
36m Passenger Cruise Catamaran 1994 36m $600,000Israel
NEW BUILD - 50pax Aluminium Glass Bottom Trimaran 16.54m $490,000India
NEW BUILD - 7.2m American Classic Big Game Sport Fishing Boat 7.19m $27,500India
19.8m Aluminium Yacht 1996 19.8m €650,000Malaysia
Botnia Targa 44 2013 14.36m €599,000Turkey
Swan 65 Nautor AB 1974 19.68m €460,000Turkey
36m 4000BHP Towing Tug 2007 36m Malaysia
109.8m Bulk Carrier 13000t 2020 109.80m $6,000,000China
69.8m Oil / Bunker Tanker 2011 69.8m $3,300,000Mauritius
45.5m Double Skin LCT for Sale 2014 45.5m $1,600,000Australia
NEW BUILD - 21m Patrol Boat 21.4m Thailand
2x 30m Passenger Ship 2005 30m €2,100,000Mayotte
Gulet Mer 2007 / 2020 2007 30m €975,000Turkey
Nordia 58 Aluminium Cruiser 1997 17.70m €649,000Turkey
23m Aluminum Sailing Yacht 1995 23.10m €540,000Turkey

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